Pine City Sportsmen's Club

2020 Pistol Matches at Pine City Sportsmen's Club

 Date Event  Cost   Results
 1/11  Steel Challenge Match (10am start) $10  Here
 2/8  Steel Challenge Match (10am start)
 3/14  Steel Challenge Match (10am start)
$10  Here
 4/11  Action Handgun Match (10am start) $10
 Empire State Steel Shootout (8am & 1pm starts)

 6/13  Action Handgun Match (10am start)
$10 Here
 7/11  2-Gun w/Pistol or PCC-Only Option (10am start)

 8/8  Action Handgun Match (10am start)

 8/29  Glock Sport Shooting Foundation Match (9am - 5pm) $30  
 8/30  Glock Sport Shooting Foundation Match (9am - 3pm)
 9/12  Steel Challenge Match (10am start) $10  
 10/10  Action Handgun Match (10am start) $10   
 11/14  No Match
 12/12  No Match
(non-resident shooters see notes at bottom of page)

We've added Steel Challenge Matches to our shooting lineup!
The new
HOT STEEL match will feature all EIGHT Steel Challenge stages!

Action Handgun matches are VERY similar to USPSA/IPSC matches
which typically feature higher round counts and fewer rules than IDPA.
This is more of a "run & gun" sport - lots of fun!!!

 We sincerely hope to see you there!

Also, continuing in 2020...
We are hosting weekly “challenge-matches” every Tuesday evening starting at 6pm.
These matches will be 'Indoor 22' from Jan-Mar, outdoor center-fire from Apr-Oct,
then 'Indoor 22' again in Nov & Dec...
Check the Indoor 22 web page for additional details...

All events are NRA sanctioned so that our non-resident friends can also participate!

Non-Resident Shooters,
Here you will find four NRA sanctioning letters for PCSC events this year - for our monthly pistol matches (second Saturday of every month in 2020), our weekly challenge matches every Tuesday evening, our 2020 Empire State Steel Shootout match and finally, our 2020 Glock Sport Shooting Foundation Match.

We sincerely hope that our out-of-state friends will come join us - we promise you'll have a good time at these matches!
If you are not a resident of NY, then simply print the appropriate letter(s) and carry it/them with you when in New York to attend any of our matches.  Also, follow the transport guidelines outlined below...
Applicable NYS Law - NY Penal Code 265.20(13) which states:
"Possession of pistols and revolvers by a person who is a nonresident of this state [is permitted] while attending or traveling to or from, an organized competitive pistol match or league competition under auspices of, or approved by, the National Rifle Association and in which he is a competitor, within forty-eight hours of such event or by a person who is a non-resident of the state while attending or traveling to or from an organized match sanctioned by the International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association and in which he is a competitor, within forty-eight hours of such event, provided that he has not been previously convicted of a felony or a crime which, if committed in New York, would constitute a felony, and further provided that the pistols or revolvers are transported unloaded in a locked opaque container together with a copy of the match program, match schedule or match registration card. Such documentation shall constitute prima facie evidence of exemption, providing that such person also has in his possession a pistol license or firearms registration card issued in accordance with the laws of his place of residence."
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