Pine City Sportsmen's Club

Glock Sport Shooting Foundation at the Pine City Sportsmen's Club

The 2017 GSSF Match was a huge success!  Thank you to all participants and workers. 

GSSF RO gun list PCSC 2017
1 - raffle Tammy McKenna
2 - Bill Bauman
3 - Bill Zidel
4 - John Shimko
5 - Jess Braun
6 - AJ Brooks
7 - Greg Snyder
8 - Darryl Swift
More than $15k in cash and prizes (including 22 pistols!)
were awarded to participants at our 2016 match...

Be sure to join us for our third annual match on
September 9th & 10th, 2017!

Download the 2017 GSSF Match Registration Form Here
(non-resident shooters see notes at bottom of page)

A message from our match director...

Given the incredibly positive response to our 2015 and 2016 matches, Pine City is extremely pleased to announce that we will be hosting our third annual "Twin Tiers Regional Classic" GSSF match on the weekend of September 9th-10th, 2017!  The Match Director is Alan Stephens and Assistant Match Director is Greg Snyder.

Additional information about the courses of fire can be found at: and you may register for the match by visiting: (or using the downloadable registration form above).  Important information for non-resident shooters, along with an NRA Sanctioning Letter and lodging options, are available at the bottom of this page… 

Range Officers (RO) Needed:
• We welcome and encourage participants to become Range Officers.  Please contact Alan Stephens at if interested.
• Information for prospective ROs can be found in the following:

This promises to be another great match and we hope that you’re as excited about it as we are! 

Alan Stephens
Pine City Match Director

Information for Non-Resident Shooters:

Lodging Options:
Hotels listed by distance from Pine City:
• Holiday Inn Riverview Elmira, (607) 734-4211
• Econo Lodge Horseheads, (607) 739-2000
• Hampton Inn Horseheads, (607) 795-3333
• Country Inn & Suites Big Flats, (607) 739-9205
• Additional lodging options are available at other local hotels/motels

Bringing firearms into New York:

Non-resident shooters will need three things to shoot our match:
1) A printed copy of our NRA Sanctioning Letter (fourth page).  Plus, it wouldn't hurt to have a printed copy of the legal reference listed below - or simply print this page...
2) Transport your unloaded pistol(s) in a locked, opaque container.
3) At least four 10-round magazines (enough to get through each course of fire).

Please note that we've NEVER had a legal issue with any of our non-resident guests that have come to shoot our sanctioned matches throughout the year - so feel free to come join in the fun...

Applicable NYS Law - NY Penal Code 265.20(13) states:
"Possession of pistols and revolvers by a person who is a nonresident of this state [is permitted] while attending or traveling to or from, an organized competitive pistol match or league competition under auspices of, or approved by, the National Rifle Association and in which he is a competitor, within forty-eight hours of such event or by a person who is a non-resident of the state while attending or traveling to or from an organized match sanctioned by the International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association and in which he is a competitor, within forty-eight hours of such event, provided that he has not been previously convicted of a felony or a crime which, if committed in New York, would constitute a felony, and further provided that the pistols or revolvers are transported unloaded in a locked opaque container together with a copy of the match program, match schedule or match registration card. Such documentation shall constitute prima facie evidence of exemption, providing that such person also has in his possession a pistol license or firearms registration card issued in accordance with the laws of his place of residence."

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