Pine City Sportsmen's Club

Congratulations to our Drawing Winners:


Beginning May 3rd and until further notice:

ON THURSDAYS of EACH WEEK, all firearm ranges will be closed from 6 PM until dark.

ON FRIDAYS of EACH WEEK, all firearms ranges will be closed from dawn until 11:30 AM

These closures are to accommodate the Archery League on American Round Range.

Questions can be addressed with Bill White.

Tuesdays at 5:30 PM
June - August
Attention New York State Residents.  Recent changes to the New York State (NYS) firearms laws require pistol/revolver license holders to recertify their status every five years.  Failure to recertify within the deadline provided will result in revocation of your pistol/revolver license.  For information, please visit:

If you wish to recertify by mail, visit:

or stop by any New York State Police location.

PCSC 2018 Executive Board:
President ~ Bill White                                                                  (607) 738-4463
Vice-president 1 ~ Greg Snyder                                                                               
Vice-president 2 ~ Ed Considine                                               (607) 857-5063
Treasure ~ Chris Russo                                                               (607) 481-8286
Secretary ~ open                                                              

Mike Murray                                                                                                                
Jim Ferraro                                                                                     (607) 3156830
Denice Hamm                                                                                (607) 743-8854
John Schwenkler                                                                                                        

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Pine City Sportsmen's Club, Inc.
187 Mountain View Drive
PO Box 110
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